Notes from the Conference


What a great week.  I attended the IIRP Conference in Salford on Thursday. Writing Wrongs held a workshop which had a full house and included Dr Dennis Wong who had travelled all the way from China. He was one of a wide group of notable speakers who all come from different angles of Restorative Justice yet all share the same values.

Lesley and Les Davey along with John Boulton made the conference one of the best I have attended. Their passion and knowledge of RJ is truly inspirational and the IIRP are now spreading their wings across Europe.

Belinda Hopkins’ keynote speech bordered on performance art.  The whole conference were treated to a a very special talk by a woman who lives and breathes Restorative Approaches. By the way Belinda’s speech also involved, John Boulton,  Dr Dennis Wong  Pauline Copeland and myself doing a bit of a workout at the front of the stage.

Pauline Copeland of Salford YOT introduced the conference to Clare Topcu.  Clare was the victim of an extremely nasty aggravated burglary. Clare bravely told the story of her harrowing ordeal and how the restorative process helped her through.   LInk to her interview on Panorama

There was a brilliant performance from pupils at Buile Hill High School, Salford and it was great to catch up with lots of old friends such as Val, Graham and Hilary and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet new ones.

Other news is that two young people who I have been working with have received feedback on their Koestler Trust entries.  They have been given certificates on the under 18’s fast feedback programme and have received a Commended and a Highly Commended.  Fingers crossed that the judges like their work and they can progress further.

IIRP Conference Salford June 20th 2013

Hi, it’s been a long time since the blog has been updated. It actually seems like a lifetime ago but it’s only been a few months. A lot has been happening.

We are developing some exiting new resources which focus on engagement.  Can’t wait to showcase them later on this year.

We have secured a contract with Birmingham City Council to provide Writing Wrongs Programmes and training. Andy had a great time in Bromley, training staff on the WW Programme. The team there are really receptive to the restorative process. If you are ever visiting Bromley YOT just mention the wiggly worm…. they’ll know what you mean.

We’ve also been working with UNITAS to find out ways of using Writing Wrongs alongside the Summer Arts Colleges. As I mentioned in a previous blog I worked with Ealing YOT on a Summer Arts College and Lancashire YOT will be using it this Summer.

We have a stand and a workshop at the IIRP Conference in Salford on Thursday 20th June. If you are attending please come and say hello.

Looking forward to training the staff in Barry,South Wales next week.