RJ conferencing in practice

This week I was privileged to meet Pat and Dave Rogers.  Pat and Dave’s 24 year old son, Adam, lost his life in 2009 as the result of a single punch to the head. I arranged for Pat and Dave to visit Larches House School in Preston to talk about the events of that fateful evening and the consequences.

Pat and Dave have produced a DVD which tells the story of their sons life and untimely death. They showed the film and then took questions from pupils and staff.

This, along with SAMM Merseyside is the most powerful session I have ever sat in.  Pat and Dave are committed to spreading the message to young people that alcohol and violence can change peoples lives for ever.

Dave met up with the boy who struck the fatal blow. He talked candidly of his feelings and how RJ has helped both parties to come to terms with what happened.


Please visit Pat and Dave’s website.  This DVD should be seen by every teenager in the UK.  http://www.eahconsequences.com/